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Welcome to PC Doctor

We are PC Doctor® India Pvt Ltd., a team of certified professionals who have expertise in Personal Computer hardware and software technologies. We have been supporting and selling Personal Computers, Local Area Networks, Desktop, Server Platforms and Application Software for more than 14 years.

PC Doctor® is a leader in call-based support and troubleshooting services for personal computers. We created the market for pay-per-use computer services in India. Many other companies have imitated our business model but we believe that they have not come even close to imitating our business philosophy.

What makes us unique is not any particular business model or service or competency, but our overall work philosophy. We work for our customers first and profits second, because we know that if we secure the first, the second will eventually follow. Our team works hard to understand customer needs and requirements.




Its very easy to get tempted by any advertisement and land up buying a server which does anything but serve.

Desktops & Laptops

There are various factors that affect the return that you will get from your business desktop computers.


Network Attached Storage (NAS) are very useful when it comes to taking back up over the network. NAS devices,


With mass adoption of Internet by businesses of all sizes comes the need of managing and controlling Internet access.