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Email communications, smooth as silk

It’s no brainer that emails are at the center of all the business communications . We offer variety of customized email solutions depending upon customer needs. Right from hosting on highly available servers on Internet to deploying in-house email servers for hassle-free messaging and collaboration. These solutions are deployed using MS Exchange and other suitable products.


Some of the key benefits of our email solutions are:
  • Complete control over email communication in the organization.
  • Easy backup of email communication of entire work force.
  • Works with most commonly used email client software.
  • Scalable as per organizational growth.
  • Email threats nullified before they attack.
  • Shared contacts and calendars for effective team collaboration.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1.) Can we retain and use our current email IDs with your solution.?

    Yes, with our solution, you can continue using old IDs

  • 2.)Would internal emails be dependent on Internet?

    Internal emails would function even without Internet.

  • 3.)Can I continue using my current email hosting service I am comfortable with.

    Yes, you can and still reap benefits of our email solution.

  • 4.)Do I need a new dedicated server for your email solution.

    No, it can be deployed on existing servers.

  • 5.)Do I need an Internet Leased Line for your email solution??

    No, our email solution can be deployed even without a leased line.

Client Testimonials

“We have been using Email solution and services PC Doctor for last 3 years. Because of their proactive measures, no major issues ever happened to affect our communications and minor matters were dealt with and resolved in no time.”

Kiran Aroskar

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