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LAN connections, free from outages!

Having a business LAN with frequent outages , slow speed and disconnections is as bad as not having one. Come to us for building rugged and carefully planned and deployed LANs and Wi-fi. Stable LAN goes a long way in ensuring smooth IT operations and processes and giving you value from your IT infrastructure. We use D-Link, Cisco, Digilink and other popular brands for networking.


Our networking solutions are:
  • Built after thorough analysis of your site/location.
  • Always right sized, you spend on what you would be using today with enough headroom.
  • Integrated using top-of-the line products.
  • Easy to upgrade without having to obsolete much.
  • Unmatched support, post installation and deployment.
  • Network (LAN) uptime upwards of 95%

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1.) How do you guarantee robust LANs ?

    We stick to structured networking methodologies and quality components to give you trouble free LAN.

  • 2.)Should I do away with LAN wires and move to wi-fi completely.

    All depends on your office layout and requirements. Wi-fi does not work as fast as wired LAN.

  • 3.) Is wi-fi secure?

    Yes it is secure if and only if security has been factored in while designing and deploying.

  • 4.)I have wi-fi but get poor signals in some parts of office, what should I do?

    All Dead spots need to be identified and wi-fi needs to be redeployed/enhanced to take care of it.

  • 5.)How do I connect my another office three buildings away?

    LAN cables are not good enough for this kind of connectivity. You must consider Fiber Optic Connectivity.

Client Testimonials

“Our office network systems comprising of 45 PCs and 3 servers was setup by PC Doctor 6 years back. Even today we are using it without any kind of problems whatsoever. Well done PC Doctor!!”

Bhushan Poshe

MD - Allied Safety Equipments Pvt. Ltd.

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