Its very easy to get tempted by any advertisement and land up buying a server which does anything but serve. Server technologies are complex and need lot of understanding before you can put them to use effectively.

Desktops & Laptops

There are various factors that affect the return that you will get from your business desktop computers. What kind of applications are used will decide what resources they will demand and various resources are inter-related when...


Network Attached Storage (NAS) are very useful when it comes to taking back up over the network. NAS devices, being non-windows based, are free from vulnerability in case of virus attacks and give much desired safety to critical business data.


With mass adoption of Internet by businesses of all sizes comes the need of managing and controlling Internet access. On one hand, it’s a very cost effective and instant resource for information and communication. But on other hand...


Business computing without a robust antivirus is like leaving your vault open and unattended to get robbed. Every year organizations lose billions of dollars in company-wide IT Systems outages due to virus infections.

Software Licenses

We sell software licenses from Microsoft and all other major software vendors and help your organization get license compliant. The offerings include Desktop Operating Systems ( Windows), Network Operating Systems (Windows Server),..