Remote Access

Securely access your data, form anywhere!

With typical business operations spanning over multiple locations, entrepreneurs frequently need access to data from different locations. Be it a one time access by travelling business executive or a permanent connection between two offices, our solutions can fit all requirements and pockets. We provide these solutions with VPNs and leased line connectivity.


Salient features of remote access solution are :
  • Access your business data from anywhere.
  • Built on inexpensive hardware.
  • Data as secure as local access.
  • ERP use across different branches/remote offices
  • Expensive Internet leased lines not a must.
  • Low maintenance connectivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1.) What is a VPN?

    VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a technique of connecting two remote locations using a third party/public network like Internet.

  • 2.)If VPN uses Internet, is it safe and secure for my business data?

    Yes, all the data that goes thru VPN is encrypted thus it is safe and secure.

  • 3.) Do I need a Public (Internet) static IP to use your VPN solution?

    Yes, for efficient functioning of VPN , you need static IPs.

  • 4.)What is a Leased Line ?

    A leased line is a permanent telephone connection between two sites/offices for dedicated communication. It can be used for voice as well as data and provided by Telecom Companies.

  • 5.)Which one is more suitable a leased line or VPN?

    Suitability completely depends on your communications requirements and budget.

Client Testimonials

“We have four offices in Mumbai and have used VPN connectivity solution of PC Doctor for last five years for seamless connectivity between our offices. Their VPN solution is very cost effective and trouble free in long run. ”

Pravin Jain

Amore Jewels Pvt. Ltd.

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