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Taking threats away from business computing!

Criticality of your business data is increasing by the day and so is the population of computer viruses. Businesses must safeguard themselves from loss of data thru virus infections .We work with tried and trusted antiviruses like Quickheal, Symantec, McAfee to keep your data safe and secure.

With mass adoption of Internet, data threats from outside and Internet misuse from inside is constantly bothering business owners. With our firewall solutions, we help you strike safety and productivity in Internet usage. We sell , configure, deploy , service and support Cyberroam, Sonicwall Fortinet and other popular brands


Some of the key benefits of our security Solutions:
  • Twin safety from viruses, at PC level as well as at the entry point (gateway).
  • Internet " access and extent" based upon user/department wise requirements.
  • Absolute simplicity in management and monitoring with extensive reports.
  • World class products with robust back end support.
  • Best balance between Internet usage and user productivity.
  • Mega savings in resources at fractional cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1.) Do I really need a paid antivirus or free antivirus is good enough ?

    For business data and computing you must use paid antivirus which provides much better protection and security.

  • 2.)Having an antivirus means my PCs will never be infected with viruses ?

    No, it means that your PCs are protected to a great extent against most viruses.

  • 3.) Do I need a firewall?

    If you have number of users sharing Internet connection and Internet is a key resource, then you definitely need a Firewall.

  • 4.)Which antivirus products do you sell and support?

    We sell Quickheal, symantec, McAfee and other leading brands of antivirus.

  • 5.)Which Firewalls do you sell and support ?

    We sell and support Cyberroam, Sonicwall, Fortinet and other popular brands.

Client Testimonials

“PC Doctor Services have been truly prompt, honest, efficient and organized. Technicians come prepared to troubleshoot reported problems and any addition thereto. They have saved us from any extended downtime of our IT in last 3 years.”

Amita Desai

Founder - Amita Desai & Co.

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