“We must appreciate the service you have provided to our company IT wise, since we engaged your company’s services an year & half ago. Your competent and prompt response has won our confidence-we see in you a ‘partner’ in growth as we aspire to be an IT enabled organisation, hence lean and mean.”


Sanjay Saha

MD - Peregrine Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai

My husband discovered PC Doctor ® though his work at the U.S. Consulate. After that we have been so happy to have this resource available to us. Our computer is a bit older and has had a few problems over the years. Luckily for us, PC Docs was there to save the day! I have always been satisfied with the promptness and quality of service that we have received. I think every new Expat that arrives in Mumbai with a computer should be given the number of PC Docs. I have especially enjoyed working with Deepak throughout these past years. He is extremely friendly, competent, and polite, but most important delivers what he promises--to FIX your computer problems. You can't go wrong with PC Doctor ®.


Norinne Browning,

Family Member - US Consulate Executive Staff, Mumbai.

"Feedback from a customer on completion of 100,000 successful troubleshooting service calls"

"Its a small milestone for you. Look at yourself from my eyes, and you shall know that you are in for a crore calls, the way you treat your customers. I had to leave for Dubai for a presentation, and my computer failed at 8pm. I remember i had called you , and you had waited and fixed my problem by 11.30pm that night. I am glad to see that organizations such as yours exist, and so long as i can, i will keep telling people how good PC Doctor has been treating me for the last couple of years. Many thanks and keep up the good work.
Congratulations on your achievement. I know how much sweat it takes to reach such milestones. The bigger you get the easier it gets, yet the first one is the most trying. You have withstood the trial


Vaibhav Kale

Bandra - Mumbai

It was a pleasure to see the work of data transfer done very fast no doubt it was a very challanging thing to do as all of them had tried very hard but what you did was something an achivement which I personally admire and it was a blessing in disguise I am proud to be an important client with PC Doctor ® it was also you can say a doctor giving a new life I wish you all the best and keep up your name and fame.
Thanx a million.


Anil Bachani

Director - Hotel Shubhangana, Khar (W) Mumbai.

I have some interesting news.... My father has been having a problem with his PC and PC vendor was never able to solve the problem.. I told father to call PC Doctor ® to solve it and pay them for it.... Guess what.. they showed up and fixed the problem too. In the bargain, Dad also complained that the PC was slow.. so the guy had 128 MB RAM and upgraded for Dad to feel the difference in performance.. Dad was impressed and gave him a cheque on the spot for the upgrade + the solution to the problem


Rishi Ganguly

Chembur Mumbai.

We have been dealing with PC Doctor ® services for past 2 years and we have always found the Company to be very:
a. Responsive,
b. Competent in their job,
d. Prepared to extend themselves to slove our problems - like work late if necessary, come immediately when required during emergencies, to do non routine type of work like backups, etc.
e. They have specially dedicated people to handle specialized problems like printer repairs, monitor repairs, etc.
f. Their Customer Care people are extremely courteous & efficient in understanding my needs & appropriately scheduling resources to fix the problem.

I wish them all the best & urge them to keep up the good work.


Ravi Mehta

CEO - Athena Consultancy, Andheri Mumbai.

I have been associated with PC Doctor ® for the past 6 years. They are very reliable and ensure a superlative end result within stipulated time limits which is the need of the hour in today's world. I continue to hire their services.


Vivek Verma

International Footsteps, Mumbai

PC Doctor® (I) Pvt. Ltd. has provided setup and troubleshooting services for 15 stand alone computers we are using on a construction site at Bandra Kurla Complex in Mumbai. PC Doctor® representatives have always been responsive and courteous whenever we requested or needed their services. I greatly appreciate the work they have done for us.


Robert J Browning

Project Director, American Consulate General, Mumbai

“Sightsavers is working with PC Doctor ® for the last three years. They are reachable at any time and efficiently fix all our computer problems in record time. They are very prompt and thanks for their great services.”


Emily Sajan

Sr. Programme Support Officer, Sightsavers - India

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